“Let”-er “cC”

Communication =

Co- + Uni + -ic + A[c]tion
Commune [verb & noun] + -ic + A[c]tion

………….The prefix “Co-“ meaning “together” plus “Uni-“ meaning “One“…  “…two or more COMing together as one…” (the generally expressed purpose of a commune — regardless of the effectiveness of those collectives which have been labelled as such…) — Plus the suffix “-ic”, meaning, “having the quality of the the wORd which it is attached to” — Plus the suffix “-ation” which represents that action of the thing which the wORd re-presents…

There-fore:  “Communication” is the action doing that which is like the quality of coming together as one…  Simplified:  Communication is the action of coming together as one…  even if it is to tell each other to “Fuck Off”, and the Other replying with:  “No, YOU Fuck Off!”.  Such is a successful “Communication”

[Even if the Other had said nothing and simply “Fucked Off” by walking away — this too is a successful “Communication” as action is also legitimate Expression.]