Coincidence = Co-Incidence

[Left As A Comment by The Awe-ThOR On A YouTube Video]

The word “Co-Incidence” simply refers to a perceived situation (incidence) where-in two or more things are “happening” at the same “time” – which are connected, and seemingly working together (co-); or connected somehow (as everything is).

The Word is only Con-Fusing for those who mis-interpret Words & Phrases by giving them meaning according to some context that the Words & Phrases are used in, rather than what the Word or Phrase ACTUALLY means.

When One truly Knows & Comprehends the TRUE Meaning & PROPER Usage of Words & Phrases – and ONLY uses Words & Phrases that they Know & Comprehend – and ONLY uses them in the ways that properly reflect those True Meanings… Enlightenment rushes in faster than one could have imagined, and seemingly with no effort at all.

When people use Words & Phrases according to “common usage” (rather than TRUE Meaning & PROPER Usage)… There is nothing but Con-Fusion, Struggle, & Strife. If not immediately… Then “further down the road”.

Letters, Words, & Phrases are Code. If One uses the wrong code – the “program” will not work. Or it will not work in the way that One wants or intends it to be so.

This is the source of all Con-Fusion in “Ex-Is-Tense”. Use “The Correct Code” – and use The Code Correctly… And You shall See, Know & Comprehend Re-AL-ity, effortlessly.