What Is ORa[c]tion?

In a mundane description of the term, it is the name for the fORm of language — Based on (an-Other Project of Mine) “The Common Tongue”, but taken to the level of a “Scientic” & “Initiated”/”En’Lightend” use of the “Language”.

The Slightly Less-Mundane Description

It is the living code for the wORd-Symbol System of Ex’Press-Ion used to directly by-pass the mundane “conscious” Mind, and access — Directly — what has-Been called:  “The Sub-Con’scious Mind”.  This, done in a way wich Does-NOT con’Fuse — either with the mis-Interpretations, or with the  missed-con’Cept-Ions of what has been taught as “Language” by the so-called “Authorities”.

Why The Term ORa[c]tion?

I have al’ready adopted the term“The Common Tongue” for a more en’Lighten’ed version of what has mis-taken-ly Been-called:  “The English Language” — But, as We-ALL are pro’gressing to the State of BE-Coming a Galactic, and event-U-AL-ly…  A Uni-Vers-AL Entity-Collective, the wORds:  “English” & “Language” — are-NOT/Shall-NOT-Be sufficient for the types of co-[mm]-Uni-[c]-a[c]tion that We-ALL Shall most pro’bably Need.

Ex’plane Please

Though The English Nation & People were, once, the ruling empire in “The World” — and the “Language” that is named after them has Be’come the pre’Dom’inant “Language” for inter-Nation-AL inter-action of the spoken and written fORm — The actual “Language” it-self has very little to-Do (any-mORe) with The English Nation/Culture/People.  That fORm of English which IS spoken in England is VERY far from that-which IS the accepted (and de’sired ) fORm used inter-Nation-AL-ly.

Further-mORe — The term “Language” is referring, specifically, to The Tongue.  This, then, is not an adequate term as the vast majority of co-[mm]-Uni-[c]-a[c]tion IS-NOT done in the spoken fORm, but is done in the written fORm…  wORds, LET’ters, and Symbols.  Perhaps, when the term “Language” was first ad’opted for what it re’presents, it was much mORe appropriate as that was (probably) befORe the printing-press — or at-least befORe literacy Be’came the nORm.

As We Move “Forward” New Technologies Shall-Be Needed

The wORd ORa[c]tion was, finally, de’cided upon, when I received in’spir-a[c]tion about the term OR[e] — combined with the previous in’sight that the suffix “-ation” and/or “-tion” al’ways referrs to action.

Further-mORe, the wORd, “Oration” already existed in a fORm quite “suitable” for my intentions and motives.

“Oration” is not merely, “speaking” but it is the delivery of “important” information, usually in a rather ceremonial way.  One may read previously arranged and OR-ganized wORds.  And if that speaker lacked the “magnetism” needed to deliver those wORds past the con;scious and directly to the sub-conscious Mind (or if the wORds where not sufficient to the matter-at-hand) — the listeners would say that The Speaker “Gave A Speech”.

How-ever… (if the wORds used were of sufficient quality and OR-ganization and…) if “The Speaker” was a One who possessed the “Magnetism and fORce” (even if only in that moment) to deliver those wORds so-that they caused a ripple through the conscious-ness of those listening…  They would say that The Speaker was “A Great Orator”, or that it was-Not “A Speech”, but “An Oration”.

And What Of The wORd?

OR (akin to ORE) = The Pure Sub’Stance — Refers to “Gold” = Light = The Purest Sub’Stance —  “That Which IS non-Corruptable…

…It is a LET’ter Symbol re’presentation of All of those concepts and mORe which a’rise in the Mind (sub-con’sciously) when read as:  “OR” — rather than:  “or”.

Though the mundane term “Oration” is referring to “spoken wORd” — the Esoteric (and Literal) fORm of the wORd IS-Not so limited.

IT IS (literally):

The Action Of Light
(In Ex’Press-Ion)


(for fORce in & of The fORm)


[plain](The “Strange” use of “Puncture”-ation, and some-times the pur’pose-full “mis-Spell-ings” of certain wORds & ex’Press-Ions on this page and through this (and all of my) sight(s) are ex’Ample’s of ORa[c]tion.   Do not think about it as you read…  Just read…  After a short time, you will not even notice the differences be’tween this and Mundane “English”…  But You Shall Know & Comprehend on a much “Deeper” level with no extra effort at All.  ~Az)[/plain]