Ain Soph

“I, In Sophia” — “Eye In Sophia”


……….It is said that, “Ain Soph is Un-Knowable”…  But this is not True to a One Who IS an “I In Soph”.

……….This type of statement is always said by Scholars.  They ass-ume that — because they have not found a way to do-so, that is must be impossible (for them, sure.  Especially having pro’claimed it to be so…  Idiots).  But what is more likely, is that — if they do not that it IS possible — and they are lying (because they do not want others to achieve such a thing) — then they are not worthy of the very thing which they are trying to hide…  And therefore Shall-NOT achieve it.

……….The “state” or con’dition of un-Know-ability IS only ex’perienced as-such by one who IS-not a “One”.  Most so-called “Scholars” are such as this.  They are such who ex’pect “The Answer” to-Be given — in some tome or by some other teacher.  They do not Know how to study “The Book Of Life”…  Only the books that come from other Man.

……….This IS-not The Case (and shall-never-Be) for he who IS a “One”.  The books & teachings made by Man — based upon the books and teachings from other men — are only Maps.  They are not the actual terrain.  The Map can do no-Thing but Be a Map.  But this “Others” think that by having read the Map, that they “Know” the terrain.

……….So if they read the map and it says “Nothing Can Be Known Beyond This Point” — then they do not even bother to venture forth.  And pro’Cede to tell others that it is “Impossible” to even attempt to go there.

……….But a One who IS an “I, In Soph”…  Who has his “Eye In Sophia”…  That One Knows…  And a One such-as-this IS Be’yond needing “The Answer” or needing To Tell “The Answer”…  A One such-as-this IS “The Answer”.

……….So there is no reason or benefit to try to convince these others that they are wrong.  They will not venture forth, and this is probably for the best of all.  But by saying these wORds — I break their Spell.  I Life their Sentence.  And I tell you that…

No-Thing IS Un-Know’able


(It IS Only That — Knowing & Comprehending — It IS Un-Communicate’able…
Especially to an “Other”