Letters  ≈  “Let”-ers


Letters:  The mundane grammatical term “Letter” is — in this en’Lighten’ed system of OR-a[c]tion — (and also in what We call, “Re-AL-ity”) — not only “Called”, but also “Known & Comprehended” as, “Let”-er…  The “Let”-ers are Those ORganisms which “Let A Thing [To] Be”.

………….I do-NOT use the phrase, “Let It Be” as It was used in the famous song by The Beatles.  I use it in the sense of the phrase meaning, to “Let Something Go” — so that It CAN BE — so that It can BE-come A “Thing” — Like a Chick leaving The Nest so that It can Truly BE-come A Bird.

………….The “Let”-ers of a wORd are those elements that are needed to create the structure intended In-ORder-To Create a “Thing”… and ORganism…  in Re-AL-ity.


Letters Are:  “Let”-ers


(Those Which “Let” A Thing [To] Be)

By Naming It — It IS

It is by my wORd (made-up of “Let”-ers) That a Thing IS


~  Selah  ~